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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

JITO Educational Loan Programme

How to apply

  • Fill in the short application form available on www.jito.org

    You forward us the E-mail that you receive from the agency after submitting this form.

    From the E-mail: You need to submit the form and the required documents / attachments along with the Oriental Bank of Commerce Form at our office

Salient Features

Attractive Interest rates
Quicker processing
For Loan less than Rs 1 Lac pa - Interest @ 4.5% for Female / 5 % for Male

Following is the student loan application process:

  1. Complete Student Loan Application Form
  2. Submit validated supporting documents
  3. Student interview with Credila
  4. Verify student enrollment
  5. Check credit reporting agency report for borrower & cosigner
  6. Check credit reporting agency report for borrower & cosigner
  7. Perform risk analysis using Credila’s “Predictive Credit Scoring Model”
  8. Approve or deny loan
  9. Sign a Promissory Note
  10. Get signed post dated checks & other documents
  11. Disburse education loan