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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

About Murali Mohan Trust for Students

About Trust and Mr.Murali Mohan

Having won accolades in his own profession, Mr. Murali Mohan,
a keen social activist and visionary, felt that he should contribute his
might to the betterment of the society as a part of his social commitment.
This he felt could be achieved by promoting Education to the Poor people who are very good at studies and cannot afford for the Further Higher studies because of their poor financial and Social Status.

His mission is to fund education initiatives of poor communities who on their own are not able to attract funding from government and NGOs, because they lack the necessary institutionalization, access and skills.

The Idea behind this trust is to adopt the poor people who cannot afford the Higher education (Engineering, Medicine, IIT, Other PG Courses). The basic eligibility will be 85% in both SSC and Intermediate and below 10,000 Rank in EAMCET or any other preferred Entrance Tests. The students will be taken into consideration only after the full pledged screening for both their financial and social status. Their vision is to Adopt 1000 People by the year 2010 and by 2015 Trust want to create a corpus fund of 100 crores and want to make it as Lifelong survival for the adopted students.

Since its inception “Murali Mohan Charitable Trust” has adopted nearly 400 students of Engineering & Medicine. Eligible students have been funded irrespective of caste & Creed.

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